Frequently Asked Questions about Paintless Dent Removal

We know you may have more questions about our paintless dent removal process and how it all works, so we’ve published the most common questions and answers here.

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  • How much does it cost to have a dent removed?
    Total cost of your repair depends on how many body panels need work, and the extent of the damage. For average dents with minimal paint damage, you can expect to pay $85 per auto body panel (a body panel = a door, quarter panel, roof, fender, etc.).
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  • How long does it take to have a dent removed?
    A Poppa Dent repair usually takes about 30-45 minutes per dent. Some dents may take more or less time depending on their characteristics. As long as your schedule permits, your dent removal will generally be completed within 24 hours from the time your appointment time is confirmed.  To make an appointment, please contact us via our online contact form or by calling (716) 946-9389.
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  • What types of damage does Poppa Dent fix?
    There are many ways that cars can get dents and dings. Probably our biggest percentage of repairs are done to fix severe hail damage, where a car may have up to dozens of tiny dings and small dents.  It is very common to have damage from rocks or other projectiles that fly up off the road (or other vehicles) and hit your car while driving. Finally, we also fix dents that happen as a result of minor collisions or “fender benders.” If you are unsure whether your dent can be fixed, it never hurts to ask!
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  • Are there dents that Poppa Dent is unable to remove?
    Though rare, there are dents that we are unable to remove using our method, usually due to either the placement of the dent on the car, or significant paint damage. Surprisingly, size is not often a determining factor in whether we can remove a dent.  We will let you know if, and the reasons why, we are unable to remove the dent(s) in your car using paintless techniques.
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  • Can Poppa Dent fix a dent that includes paint damage?
    There are a few cases in which we can repair damage to your paint. These include cases where there is a superficial scratch or mark in the paint. We are sometimes able to provide buffing and/or touch-up services. However, if your dent includes significant paint damage or scraping down to bare metal, we will most likely have to refer you to a traditional collision shop.
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  • Can you do the dent removal at my home, office, or other site?
    We are happy to travel to locations within an approximate 15-mile radius of Buffalo, New York, for no additional charge. Your driveway or parking lot is fine! We just ask that the work location have adequate lighting, adequate work space, and safe working conditions. For travel farther away (and we do travel), please contact us.
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  • What is the advantage of going to Poppa Dent instead of a traditional collision shop?
    The advantages are many. First, at Poppa Dent you get personal, one-on-one service and you know exactly who is going to be working on your car and when.  Secondly, Poppa Dent can save you a significant amount of money over regular collision shops; our dent removals generally cost a fraction of what a conventional collision repair costs. We charge a flat rate per vehicle panel (click here for more about prices per panel).
    Thirdly, Poppa Dent can save you quite a bit of time. At a regular collision shop, you may be stuck waiting for hours, or you may even have to leave your car at the shop for a period of time. We will make an appointment with you, and start the work as close to that time as we can. This means that as we complete work on your vehicle, you will not have to wait all day long or leave your car overnight.
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  • Will insurance cover the cost of having a dent removed by Poppa Dent?
    Yes, most auto insurance plans do cover the cost of paintless dent removal! If you have a deductible amount, some or all of the work may not be covered by that amount. Please check your insurance policy or consult with your insurance agent for details.
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  • Can I send you a picture of my dent(s)?
    Please do!  There is an option at the bottom of our online contact form to upload a photo.  Your photo must be in .JPG/.JPEG or .PNG format and must be no more than 4 MB in size.  If you are having issues attaching an image, the file is probably too large.  Reduce the image resolution or crop the photo and try again.
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